Free Day -Go anywhere you want!

Plenty of Free Time to Discover Tokyo. Enjoy plenty of free time during the tour to experience Japan! No curfew, no leash - you can go anywhere you want! Meet up with friends, venture out of the city, shop till you drop, or just chill out in the hotel. Your free time is there so you can do whatever you like, and our friendly guides are accessible and ready to do anything and everything they can to make sure you get to wherever you want to go safely and easily.

Why don't you have some unique Japanese experiences on your free day?
Here are awesome interesting optional tours for you.

Samurai Sword Action Taiko Drumming Ninja Tea Ceremony Kimono Workshop!
(Wear yukata!)
Soba Making Tsukiji Walk
Making Sushi
Learn how to fight using a Samurai sword from the expert.
Taiko Drumming
& Asakusa Walk
-Discover the wonders of taiko drums-
Experience and feel the ninja world through a ninja training session.
Learn Traditional Tea Ceremony in a very traditional Japanese house.
Learn how to wear Yukata. You must look so cool with Yukata!
Learn about this Japanese noodle from how to make soba to how to eat it
Visit Tsukiji Fish Market, shop ingredients for sushi and make sushi at a local Japanese home.
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Check out more optional tours
Attn. Optional tours are not operated everyday. Check your free day and the operation date of the tour you'd like to join. Ask about availability & USD rate to your Destination Japan agent. Tours may require the minimum number of participants, let us know once you found a tour so that we can ask other participants to join you with you.


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