Destination Japan Homestay Experience
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 Destination Japan Homestay Program


Let’s stay in Japan with a Japanese Family!

Destination Japan has strived to fulfill all your travel needs and to give you once in a lifetime experiences. Now we have a product that gives you a behind the scenes look at a culture thought to be difficult to get up close and personal. For people ages 18 and above, H.I.S./Destination Japan is offering a homestay program to give you a look at the real Japan with real Japanese families. Japanese language instruction can also be a part of your experience. Check out below for more details and options.



Steps to apply for the program

Please apply this program at least a month before your intended arrival in Japan. 1. Contact H.I.S. staff to begin your homestay program process. 2. Submit Application Form.     a. Choose the date to start your program and how long you’d like to stay.     b. Fill out the application form and related forms.     c. Make payment.     d. Purchase travel insurance. (strongly recommended) 3. Plan what to do or where to visit during your stay. We will provide you with a variety of ideas - optional tours, hotel accommodations, and transportation options - so you will have less hassles and more fun during you Japan stay. 4. Receive your homestay family information about two weeks prior to the first day of your homestay.** 5. Receive your homestay orientation book. (Learn about homestay, Japanese culture, and Japanese customs prior to arriving in Japan) 6. Last minute preparation for hotel, JR pass, Air pass, or others if it’s necessary. 7. Depart U.S.A. for Japan. 8. Arrive in Japan. Go to your homestay place on your own.*** 7. Meet your family and enjoy your stay!

* Prices are based on the exchange rate of USD 1=JPY 110, and may vary due to currency fluctuations. ** Your host-family will be assigned based on the information you provide to us in advance, usually within an hour distance from the area you requested. Please note that your host-family may be changed in the last minute under certain circumstances such as family emergency. *** Airport pick-up service is sometimes available with fee.

Homestay Program (Minimum 1 night) Get a special experience of staying in a Japanese home   e.g.) 5 night Homestay in Tokyo with Dinner & Breakfast:  $398*
Cool Japan Program (Minimum 1 week) Short Term Study and Homestay Program   e.g.) Tokyo Homestay + Language School 1 week Package   with Dinner & Breakfast: $945*
Go Japan Program (1week - 3 months) Short - Long Term Study and Homestay Program   e.g.) Osaka Homestay + Language School 2 week Package   with Dinner & Breakfast: Currently Not Available


My homestay with Destination Japan/H.I.S. Tours was everything I had hoped for! At first when I arrived to Kanagawa-ku, my family had told me that the area I was staying was "very countryside" compared to Tokyo, and that it would take me about 30 min. to get to Tokyo and I was alarmed, because I didn't know how close it actually was! It took about 15 minutes to walk to the nearest train/bus station and then 30 min. to get to Shibuya, this really wasn't far at all. Once I got there I could go anywhere I wanted, which is unlike America. I felt so safe in their neighborhood, and even walking around Tokyo! My host-mother, Haruka, made delicious sukiyaki and always had coffee ready for me in the morning, because she knew how much I loved it! For breakfast, she gave me big bowls of fruit, and the grapes in Japan were triple the size from America! They were very welcoming and helped me a lot with getting around the city and helping me plan routes on my maps. Even their dog bonded with me! Once my week was over, we were all very sad, even though it was a short period of time, we bonded and became close. I hope in the future I will be able to return and use Destination Japan/H.I.S. Tours, I really had an amazing stay! -Amelia Meekins, Baltimore MD
  Period of stay: Sep 1 - 6, 2011 in Tokyo
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  • Q1. I can’t speak Japanese well. Will that be a big problem?
    Answer: You should consider brushing up on your basics or learning a few phrases, however language is not the only way to communicate with your host family. The key to break the language barrier lies in using body language, pictures, drawing, or even making sounds! Use every method you can think of and enjoy your experience!
  • Q2. What if there are some problems or misunderstandings which I can’t solve with my communication skills?
    Answer: If you try your best to communicate with them but still couldn’t work the problem out, please contact Nextage’s support staff. You will be provided a 24-hour emergency contact phone number. Just try to remember that those problems may be happening from simple misunderstandings, so we suggest you to think things through calmly and try one more time to communicate with your family.
  • Q3. I’m concerned about the type of family I will be staying with. Do you do any kind of screening beforehand?
    Answer: Yes, we certainly do. Our partner company, Nextage staff visits each home/apartment and interviews the family in person as well as inspecting the accommodations to see the host-family is suitable to accept an extra family. However remember that there are wide varieties of family situations and accommodations in Japan just like any other countries so we advise you not to expect your ideal families or places from your favorite Japanese animation or TV dramas.
  • Q4. I’m not exactly comfortable with eating raw fish, etc. Will that be a problem?
    Answer: Not at all. Please make sure to let us know what foods you can’t or don’t want to eat in advance so that we can inform your host-family. But please consider trying some new foods! Japan has too much great foods to miss out!
  • Q5. I don’t know very much about Japanese custom and culture. Is there anything I should do before visiting them?
    Answer: We’ll explain about the major culture and custom differences as well as probable misunderstandings you would face during your stay through the orientation book. Of course, we also encourage you to study and learn about Japan while you’re in U.S. Please feel free to ask any question.

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