Destination Japan Homestay Experience - Cool Japan Program
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  Cool Japan Program

  Short Term Study and Homestay Program in Tokyo

Not satisfied with just traveling on your own in Japan? Need something more than just sightseeing? Why don’t you try studying Japanese and get a real cultural experience in a real Japanese home? With this program you can stay with a Japanese family and also take a one week intensive language class for 3 hours a day. You can practice the Japanese you learned on that day with your host-family. This program is also good for people who are considering studying Japanese for a longer term in the near future and try this as preliminary experience.

  Japanese Language School and Classes

Intercultural Institute of Japan- Effective Short-Term Course
The short term course focuses on communication skills needed to learn to speak Japanese in a short period. The most important point to communicate in Japanese is to learn how to talk to people. You will learn how to use polite, friendly and honorific speech early in your course, which are necessary skills to start communicating immediately. Start with communication skills in the beginning and less-used phrases and vocabulary later in the course then you will not get stuck at the med-beginner level as many people do.

Japanese Class Details
In the Weekly Course, you will leave your class each day with a new skill. You’ll be able to say “Today, I learned how to do _____,” in Japanese. Each class is based on a different communication skill theme, so it’s easy to feel your own progress. During special intonation and speech training periods, you will practice the phrases you learn until you can use them correctly and accurately. During kanji class, you will learn the written characters you see in everyday life and around you in Japan. You will also improve your Japanese pronunciation and intonation through shadowing and other methods.

Click HERE to check the school schedule for 2015

  Package Price & Sample Itinerary

  Homestay package price*   Sample schedule for your homestay
1 week / 7 nights :        JPY 103,860   - Meet your host family!
- Introduce yourself
- Learn how to get to your school
- Get to know your Japanese family
- Eat with the family (More likely to eat with some of family members for the dinner)
2 weeks / 14 nights:     JPY 162,880 First day
3 weeks / 21 nights:     JPY 221,900  
  - Eat breakfast (May or may not be eating with your family)
- Go to school or explore the city on your own
- Eat dinner (Most likely to have dinner with your host family and enjoy the conversation with them about what you did for the day)
4 weeks / 28 nights :    JPY 280,920 During stay
5 weeks + more:   ASK Last day - Eat breakfast
- Farewell to your host family
* Package prices shown above are per person including taxes & fees.
- Blackout dates may apply. Please ask our agent for details.
- All prices shown above will be charged in US dollars, and the amounts charged to credit card holders
may vary due to fluctuations in the exchange rate and other external factors.

  What is included?

  • School registration/application fees
  • Tuition
  • One-way transportation service (public transportation) from Narita Airport to your homestay
  • Homestay arrangement fee
  • Homestay accommodation fee (Breakfast and dinner included)
  • Homestay orientation book **
  • 24-hour emergency phone support

  • ** If you stay more than 21 days, you’ll have an orientation with the staff directly

      Cancellation Policy

    Homestay arrangement fee (JPY 16, 200) is not refundable once you made payment.
  • 31 days to 16 days before the planned homestay starting date: 40% of total fee
  • 15 days to 9 days before the planned homestay starting date: 50% of total fee
  • 8 days to 0 days before the planned homestay starting date: 100% of total fee
  • After beginning homestay: 100% of total fee
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  • Q1. I can’t speak Japanese well. Will that be a big problem?
    Answer: You should consider brushing up on your basics or learning a few phrases, however language is not the only way to communicate with your host family. The key to break the language barrier lies in using body language, pictures, drawing, or even making sounds! Use every method you can think of and enjoy your experience!

  • Q2. What if there are some problems or misunderstandings which I can’t solve with my communication skills?
    Answer: If you try your best to communicate with them but still couldn’t work the problem out, please contact Nextage’s support staff. You will be provided a 24-hour emergency contact phone number. Just try to remember that those problems may be happening from simple misunderstandings, so we suggest you to think things through calmly and try one more time to communicate with your family.

  • Q3. I’m concerned about the type of family I will be staying with. Do you do any kind of screening beforehand?
    Answer: Yes, we certainly do. Our partner company, Nextage staff visits each home/apartment and interviews the family in person as well as inspecting the accommodations to see the host-family is suitable to accept an extra family. However remember that there are wide varieties of family situations and accommodations in Japan just like any other countries so we advise you not to expect your ideal families or places from your favorite Japanese animation or TV dramas.

  • Q4. I’m not exactly comfortable with eating raw fish, etc. Will that be a problem?
    Answer: Not at all. Please make sure to let us know what foods you can’t or don’t want to eat in advance so that we can inform your host-family. But please consider trying some new foods! Japan has too much great foods to miss out!

  • Q5. I don’t know very much about Japanese custom and culture. Is there anything I should do before visiting them?
    Answer: We’ll explain about the major culture and custom differences as well as probable misunderstandings you would face during your stay through the orientation book. Of course, we also encourage you to study and learn about Japan while you’re in U.S. Please feel free to ask any question.

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