Destination Japan Homestay Experience - Cool Japan Program
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  Go Japan Program

  Homestay and Study Program

With this program, like the Cool Japan program, if you stay in one city you can study and homestay in Japan for a minimum of one week up to a maximum of 3 months. Unlike the Cool Japan program, there is an option if you stay four weeks or more. With a four week stay, you have the choice to stay in up to 2 different cities during the program. You can choose your two homestay cites among Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, or Yokohama. One way transportation by a long distance bus between the cities you choose will be included in the program. With this program, you can improve your Japanese skill at school, practice at home, and also enjoy your own time traveling around Japan. The Kansai region cites (Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Nara) are all within 1 day trip distance between them. If you study both in Tokyo and Kansai, you also be able to learn about the cultural differences in each area, too!

  Japanese Language School and Classes

ARC Academy Japanese Language School

- Excellent Locations:
Each of the schools in Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto and Osaka are located a short walk from major train stations – perfect for after school sightseeing or shopping downtown.

- Improve Communication Skills:
Classes at ARC Academy focus on improving communication skills. Vocabulary or grammar knowledge is only useful when combined with real conversational skills. At ARC, every level of student – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced – learns how to communicate clearly in Japanese. Students are taught “real Japanese” they can use in daily life and work.
- Lessons are planned on a three months basis
You may be joining a school program that is already in progress when you arrive.

- A Chance to Make Japanese Friends:
Regularly scheduled “Free Talk” sessions give students a chance to speak with native Japanese.

  Package Price

  Homestay Package Price*
1 week / 7 nights:             JPY 91,760 7 weeks / 49 nights:          JPY 413,380
2 weeks / 14 nights:         JPY 148,280 8 weeks / 56 nights:          JPY 467,400
3 weeks / 21 nights:         JPY 197,300 9 weeks / 63 nights:          JPY 521,420
4 weeks / 28 nights:        JPY 251,320 10 weeks / 70 nights:        JPY 575,440
5 weeks / 35 nights:        JPY 305,340 11 weeks / 77 nights:        JPY 629,460
6 weeks / 42 nights:        JPY 359,360 12 weeks / 84 nights:        JPY 683,480
* Prices are per person including taxes & fees.
- Homestay extension: JPY 4,860 per person per night. (Meals NOT included)
- Blackout dates may apply. Please ask our agent for details.
- All prices shown above will be charged in US dollars, and the amounts charged to credit card holders
may vary due to fluctuations in the exchange rate and other external factors.

- Start dates for the total beginner are limited. Check the school schedule for 2014. -->   Tokyo & Yokohama / Osaka & Kyoto
- Be sure to notify us at the beginning of the application process if you'd like to stay in more than 2 cities. This may be difficult to arrange without prior notice.
- Japanese class times (Morning or Afternoon classes) may vary depending on the results of your Japanese level testing.

  What is included?

  • School registration/application fees
  • Tuition
  • Classroom - 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, no class on holidays or other closed days**
  • One-way public transportation service from Narita Airport to your homestay
        (One of our staff will accompany you to your host family by public transportation)
  • Homestay arrangement fee
  • Homestay accommodation fee (Breakfast and dinner included)
  • Homestay orientation book
  • 24-hour emergency phone support
  • One-way long distance ground transportation service between Kanto and Kansai area.
        (Minimum 4 weeks enrollment is required)

  • ** Material fees (JPY 2,000 - JPY 4,000) are NOT included

      Cancellation Policy

    Homestay arrangement fee (JPY 16, 200) is not refundable once you made payment.
  • 31 days to 16 days before the planned homestay starting date: 40% of total fee
  • 15 days to 9 days before the planned homestay starting date: 50% of total fee
  • 8 days to 0 days before the planned homestay starting date: 100% of total fee
  • After beginning homestay: 100% of total fee
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  • Q1. I can’t speak Japanese well. Will that be a big problem?
    Answer: You should consider brushing up on your basics or learning a few phrases, however language is not the only way to communicate with your host family. The key to break the language barrier lies in using body language, pictures, drawing, or even making sounds! Use every method you can think of and enjoy your experience!

  • Q2. What if there are some problems or misunderstandings which I can’t solve with my communication skills?
    Answer: If you try your best to communicate with them but still couldn’t work the problem out, please contact Nextage’s support staff. You will be provided a 24-hour emergency contact phone number. Just try to remember that those problems may be happening from simple misunderstandings, so we suggest you to think things through calmly and try one more time to communicate with your family.

  • Q3. I’m concerned about the type of family I will be staying with. Do you do any kind of screening beforehand?
    Answer: Yes, we certainly do. Our partner company, Nextage staff visits each home/apartment and interviews the family in person as well as inspecting the accommodations to see the host-family is suitable to accept an extra family. However remember that there are wide varieties of family situations and accommodations in Japan just like any other countries so we advise you not to expect your ideal families or places from your favorite Japanese animation or TV dramas.

  • Q4. I’m not exactly comfortable with eating raw fish, etc. Will that be a problem?
    Answer: Not at all. Please make sure to let us know what foods you can’t or don’t want to eat in advance so that we can inform your host-family. But please consider trying some new foods! Japan has too much great foods to miss out!

  • Q5. I don’t know very much about Japanese custom and culture. Is there anything I should do before visiting them?
    Answer: We’ll explain about the major culture and custom differences as well as probable misunderstandings you would face during your stay through the orientation book. Of course, we also encourage you to study and learn about Japan while you’re in U.S. Please feel free to ask any question.

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