Tokyo Shopping Tour - Akihabara Harajuku Shibuya -

Experienced bi-lingual tour guides will guide you through using the trains in Tokyo, showing you how to find your way around to some of the best spots in the city for shopping and city sightseeing! Scope out the hottest fashion trends in Harajuku! Lose yourself in the game/electronics/anime/manga heaven of Akihabara! Shop for hours and soak in the pop culture flavor of modern Japan! You'll have plenty of time at each location to venture off on your own as much as you like. There will be guides to give you a give walkthrough of the coolest places to shop, and then you're let loose to explore. By the end of the day, you'll have learned how to get almost anywhere in city!
Akihabara is, by far, the most outlandish and extreme place in Tokyo, and there’s no way we’d let you miss it! Heralded as Tokyo’s center for games,anime, manga and electronics, Akihabara, or “Akiba” as its regulars call it, has a very unique sense about it that you can only feel by going there and experiencing it for yourself.
Harajuku is one of Tokyo’s towns where the pop/modern culture is the most visible. Home to an underground-style fashion movement, Harajuku is where many of Tokyo’s fashion trends are born. Filled with many of the city’s youth, it’s a place to shop for unique clothes, enjoy delicious food, and take in the carefree atmosphere. If you want to see the true face of Harajuku, go there on any given Sunday and watch street performances and discover the latest fashion innovations.
Shibuya is known as one of the fashion centers of Japan, particularly for young people, and as a major nightlife, eating out, and hanging around areas. You’ll be amazed to see the crowds of pedestriansat the large intersection in front of Shibuya station (Hachiko exit) onweekday nights and weekends! If you miss here, you can’t say that you were in Tokyo!





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