Takayama Old Streets

15 Things To Do In Takayama

Hida Takayama in the Gifu Prefecture is a family-friendly spot to learn about the Edo period. With so many activities, there is something to do for all ages. Come eat delicious food and find souvenirs.

Sanmachi Street

Takayama Old Streets

Within the Hida Takayama city, on the east side, there is the Miyagawa river flowing through Takayama, in the middle is Sanmachi, there are many houses from the Edo period there. The nostalgic atmosphere from the time period still lingers, there are sake breweries and merchant houses with latticed bay windows.

This district was designated as an important cultural place by the Japanese Government. There are many people who come to see this historic city. It is best to slowly stroll through the city so that you don’t miss anything. It feels like you have time-traveled back to the Edo period. Walk around and eat the local food or take a rickshaw ride.

Hida no Sato


Hida no Sato Folk Village

Hida no Sato is known for the traditional houses that originated in the Hida region. Exploring these houses means you can learn about the life style and traditions of the people from that time period.

This town is 99,000 square meters and there are thatched-roof houses. This folk village is showcasing the different ways people used to live. Some demonstrations of handicrafts are lacquer work, weaving, and dying fabric. There are also other crafts like straw crafts and sashiko quilting.

Take A Kimono Walk

Takayama Old Streets

Walking around in a traditional kimono can be an even better experience at Hida Takayama city. You can rent a kimono for women, men, and children. There are also rental shoes and accessories.

Try The Hida Beef

Hida Beef Takayama

Hida Beef is the name of a specific type of beef from a jet-black Japanese cattle breed. The cow is raised in the Gifu prefecture for at least 14 months. The beef is required to have a confirmed and certified score such as A or B by the Hida Beef Brand Promotion Conference, and have a Firmness and Texture Grade of 5, 4 or 3 as graded by the Japan Meat Grading Association.

Hida Beef is known for its marbling, luster, color, texture, and smell. The quality of the meat can change if the farming techniques change. The farming style is called Yasufuku and the cows have been raised in this style since 1981.

See The Carp At The Town of Furukawa


At Furukawa, all of the old homes are preserved so that visitors can see pieces of history. There is a man-made river flowing through the town called Seto Channel. Visitors can see and feed large colorful carp.

In the past, the river was used to separate the town’s merchant area from the samurai area. This is one of the most scenic areas in the town. The three oldest streets are Ichino-machi, Nino-machi, and Sanno-machi meaning streets No.1, No.2, and No.3. They are all parallel with the channel, and the streets are lined with souvenir shops. This is quite a large town, so it can take up to three hours to see everything.

Take An Onsen


Tochio Onsen Footbath Takayama

Hida Takayama is famous for its relaxing onsen resorts. The onsen resorts are located near Takayama Station so it is very convenient. There are full-own onsen resorts or foot baths for those looking for a quick break. Each onsen resort is a little different so it is recommended to find a resort that meets your needs. Relaxing in an onsen is definitely one way to relieve stress.

Hida Great Limestone Cave

Hida Great Limestone Cave © Hida Takayama


The Hida Great Limestone Caves is a large cavern that is 800 meters below a beautiful waterfall. This is the only cave in Japan to see delicate finger-like helictite cave formations.

Even during the summer, it is 12 Celsius in the cave. During the winter, on the way back to the car the Limestone is illuminated and it looks even more beautiful. Nearby the caves, there is the Ohashi Museum, on display, there are about 1,000 world-renowned works of art, handicrafts, and ornaments.

Fee: 1,100 yen (Adult)

550 yen (Child)

Phone: 0577-79-2211

Website: Hida Great Limestone Cave (Japanese)

Ski Resorts Near Takayama

Hida Funayama Snow Resort Arcopia Takayama

Skiers and snowboarders from the Chukyo area frequently come to the Hida area to enjoy winter sports. Since there is a variety of ski slopes, people can choose the level of difficulty. One of the recommended places to visit is Shirakawa-go Historic Village designated as a World Heritage Site. Over 1.4 million tourist visit Shirakawa-go every year.

Ciao Ontake Snow Resort

Ciao Ontake is located on the northern side of Mt. Ontake at an altitude of 1,800 to 2,200 meters. There are three long trails that are over 2,000 meters long, surround by forest. The ski season is usually from December to May. There are exciting events and kids ride the ski lift for free.

Hoonoki Daira Winter Resort

Hoonoki Daira Winter Resort is a family-friendly ski resort. There are many slopes for beginners and small children. At “Hirugamo Kid Land” there are special areas for children to play and they are supervised. There are ski schools for kids 3 and older. There is also snow rafting, snowshoeing, and air boarding.

Hirugano Kogen Ski Resort

Hirugano Kogen Ski Resort has a variety of slopes for beginners and pros. The course layout is good for people at all levels such as dynamic mogul and intermediate-level slopes with moderate distance and well-balanced.

The more advanced you are, the more you can enjoy. There are all kinds of snow gear for rentals such as snowboards, ski sets, and clothing. There is equipment for adults and children.

Takayama Usagi House

Takayama Usagi House is for those who like rabbits and miscellaneous goods. This lodge is located in the city center so it is very convenient. This shop has rabbit-themed handkerchiefs, wallets, and other goods.

Anyone who likes rabbits should visit this shop. The number one recommended item from this shop is the “Ubobo Doll”. “U” means rabbit and “bobo” means baby, this is a lucky charm for a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby.

The “Sarubobo” can be found at many shops cause it is a common souvenir, but the Ubobo can only be found at the Takayama Usagi House

Miyagawa Morning Market


Miyagawa morning market Takayama

The Miyagawa Morning Market is one of the largest morning markets in Japan and the market started over 300 years ago. There are two locations for the market, one is in front of the Takayama Jinya and the other is at the Miyagawa Riverside.

There are about 60 different shops at the market, the shops sell vegetables, fruits, pickles, and spices. Some of the popular items are Japanese sweets and crafts.

The popular Mitarashi Dango is handmade and the recipe hasn’t changed for many years. The Hida Takayama pudding is made with local ingredients and it is very delicious. The markets are open until noon, however, it is recommended to go as early as possible. You will see energetic local people proudly setting up their shops and wearing traditional work clothes.

Ride on a Rickshaw


How about seeing Hida Takayama while riding on a rickshaw? The Gokuraku Rickshaw is a great way to see Hida Takayama. The person pulling the rickshaw is kind of like a tour guide, while riding the rickshaw you will gain a lot of knowledge about the area.

There are three locations to pick up a rickshaw, at the Kamisan no Machi and Yanagibashi crossing, the Jinya Morning Market, and Chuhashi Higashi-zumekaku. It cost money to ride on one and some will pick you up from the hotel or ryokan.

Takayama Ramen

Takayama Ramen

Takayama Ramen is a famous local dish from Gifu Prefecture. The local people call them Chinese noodles. Compared to other local noddles, there is a small amount and the toppings are simple. The soup is simple too, but the flavor is stronger than noodles from the Kanto region.

Squirrel Forest, Hida Takayama Wildflower Nature Garden

Come visit the Squirrel Forest, buy some food and you can hand-feed the squirrels. There are squirrel plushies as a souvenir being sold in the gift shop. Nearby the nature garden is a great place to slowly walk around and relax. The Squirrel Forest and the garden are great places to enjoy nature.

Autumn Leaves

Nakabashi bridge Takayama

Of course, the autumn leaves at Hida Takayama are a must-see. The bright and colorful autumn leaves on the Nakabashi Bridge are illuminated at night and it is beautiful to see. The bridge is illuminated from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

Sake Tasting

Sake From Takayama Hida

There are three breweries in and around Hida Takayama. At six of the local breweries, you can try the local and seasonal sake, there are also brewery tours. There are some shops that have been around for 200 or more years.

Try the award-winning sake from the Hirata Brewery. To make great sake, the things needed are a cool climate, clean water, and a skilled brewer. There are daily sake tastings.