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Things to Do in Otaru, Hokkaido

Otaru Canal

Otaru is a port city with a lot of steep hills and one a major sightseeing spot in Hokkaido. It takes 40-minute from Sapporo Station to Otaru Station. Traveling to Otaru from New Chitose airport takes 80 minutes and there is…

Things to Do in Wakayama


  Nearby the Kii river, Wakayama Castle was once the home of Saiga Ikki during feudal Japan. It had been taken over and seized multiple times throughout its life but now Wakayama Castle is now the symbol of Wakayama, Japan…

15 Things To Do In Takayama

Takayama Old Streets

Hida Takayama in the Gifu Prefecture is a family-friendly spot to learn about the Edo period. With so many activities, there is something to do for all ages. Come eat delicious food and find souvenirs. Sanmachi Street Within the Hida…